Thursday, May 05, 2005


Support For Iraq Slips

Yesterday the SAEN reported on a letter sent to Zarqawi that the US intercepted. This letter is news, huge news, because it reveals that things are not going so well for "Al Qaida in Mesopotamia," via the Washington Times:
A letter to terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi from a key lieutenant complains of low morale and incompetent leaders in waging war against American and Iraqi government troops in Iraq.

We also learned that morale is low among some Americans in regards to the Iraq war. The continued negativity of the press, as evidenced by our own SAEN, is no doubt convincing some Americans that nothing good ever happens in Iraq, but we all know that isn't true (and the press knows it too). Fine Mr. Rivard, we get it, you want us to leave Iraq and you color the news according to your own bias. Think about this for a second: a letter sent to one of our top enemies in the war on terror reveals that the enemy is demoralized and having trouble finding recruits, and the SAEN buries it on page 14A. It's almost unbelievable. The letter shows that morale is low in the terrorist organization and trust is in short supply:
"The morale has weakened and lines of the mujahidin have become separated due to some leaders' action," Yemeni wrote. "God does not accept such actions and that will delay victory. We do have big mistakes where some of us have been discarded."

Yemeni quoted one leader as telling recruits "you carry out a martyr [suicide] operation or go back to your family." He said he wanted a meeting to verify whether that order came from Zarqawi.

In addition, good leaders for the movement are also in short supply:
"We have leaders that are not capable of being good leaders," Yemeni wrote. "We are not accusing them without reason, but we have tested them and found them incapable."

Clearly we are winning in Iraq, and the terrorists know it, but the SAEN doesn't report it that way. What does that tell you about the editors over at the Express-News? You know who couldn't be happier about how the SAEN, and the MSM, are reporting on Iraq? That's right, al Qaida. They love it, and they couldn't be happier about the weakening of support for our troops in Iraq.

It is time for those of us who know how important it is to stay the course in Iraq to stand up and speak the truth. The is no denying that every time some liberal says we need to leave Iraq, or says we are stuck in a quagmire, al-Zarqawi smiles because if the left has it's way, and we tuck tail and run from Iraq, he will have won (and won't France be happy). The press keeps telling us that our presence in Iraq is helping al Qaida recruit new members (the terrorists own letters disavow this theory), but nothing could be better for their recruitment than to be able to say they caused the U.S. to run out of Iraq, and with us out of Iraq al Qaida can return it's attention to more meaningful things like planning attacks on U.S. soil.
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