Friday, May 06, 2005


That depends on the definition of "illegal"...

In its latest Minuteman-bashing news article, the SAEN engages in unbounded fear-mongering...all while insisting that the Minuteman Project volunteers are the real fear-mongers.

The headline? "Minutemen bordering on chaos". First of all, they have to try to delegitimize the movement by pointing to some internal discord over its if that is unusual in this sort of ad hoc, volunteer organization. Been to a PTA meeting lately, Hernán Rozemberg?

"Hundreds, possibly thousands, of activists..." Goodness, if we don't stop this scary movement, there may be as many of them on the border as there are illegal aliens!

"civil rights groups pledged to continue monitoring the activities for possible legal violations." Psst, civil rights groups! You want to see "possible legal violations"? Check out these illegal aliens jumping the border!

"The Border Patrol remains steadfast in its disapproval of civilian border patrols." Hmmm. The apparent corruption and bureaucratic incompetence of the Border Patrol has been proved by our porous border with Mexico. Is it any wonder that they disapprove of citizens becoming so enraged at this that they volunteer to do the job themselves? Especially when the volunteers do a better job of it than the well-paid Border Patrol?

It's disappointing that the Express-News slants its reporting against such a grassroots citizen initiative, even after it has shown itself effective and by no means a "vigilante group."*

* Yes, I know that term was used by President Bush to describe the group, and shame on him for doing so.
Next thing you know the express-news is going to advocate that the government shut down Neighborhood Watch groups since they are also vigilantes.
I'd think they want citizens to be dependent on government employees for their protection or something!

Like when they tell everyone not to fight back against criminals...even though it has been proven that fighting back deters rapists and others far more often than it endangers the victim.
What is really sad is that the Minute Men were effective at their job. All evidence points that the illegals flowed like water to the path of least resistence, which was around the 20 mile stretch of Arizona border. And no wonder the Border Patrol is saying they don't like the "vigilantes", it just points out their ineffectiveness at solving the border problem. Perhaps, and just call me crazy, but perhaps if the U.S. government would use the National Guard to actually DEFEND THE HOMELAND against the invasion of illegals then maybe the border crisis would end. It is too bad that it takes citizens to spend their own vacation time and money to go do what our darned tax dollars are supposed to be doing. But I digress. As far as the SAEN goes, they have to be careful or they feel they might offend a portion of their Hispanic readers, despite the fact that many Americans of hispanic descent don't want illegals here either. But I digress, since the liberal media really just wants to fulfill their agenda and will look for whatever excuse neccessary to achieve it.
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