Thursday, May 05, 2005


You Can't Make Me Read It...

So this morning I left my SAEN lying in the yard. I just could not bring myself to read it this morning; however, I shall look into my crystal ball and tell you what is in it because the SAEN is so predictable I don't even have to look at it! I will know how right I am when I get home from work and actually read it. Hmmm, there were lots of important news stories in the world yesterday, but I know Bob Rivard so no doubt the lead story is about Lynddie England. Boring! Oh yeah, with our help Pakistan caught the No. 3 man in al Qaida so I am sure that is on the front page somewhere. I am also sure that the story in the SAEN will have an "expert" to explain to us that his capture isn't as important as we think. Okay, let's see here, there were several large terrorist attacks in Iraq. This will of course be on the front page and no where in the story will the word "terrorist" be used. In addition, the headline will read something like "Blood flows like a river" or something along those gory lines. I see one last thing in my crystal ball, somewhere in the paper will have to be the daily "bash Bolton" piece in which we read how John Bolton is a big, fat bully. I promise I will actually read the paper tomorrow. In the meantime, how did I do?
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